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For Parents

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    Learn what makes a bully a bully and how simply standing up (aka upstanding!) is the most powerful tool a group can have! Playing Awesome Upstander! is fun for kids to play, but also instills upstanding habits. Read on to learn more!

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    Upstander for REAL!

    Being an upstander in a game is one thing, but how about in real life? Get some ideas for talking points with your kids, and learn the signals to look out for bullying!

For Teachers

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    Life Lessons

    Introduce bullying with a lesson before having your students play the game so they know what it really means to be a bully, and how they can be upstanders! Lesson includes class discussion and a writing assignment.

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    More on Upstanding

    Find Do’s and Don’t’s to show students how to be better upstanders, and learn about the importance of teachers being upstanders themselves.